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    We integrate the technology, highly qualified tutors, and your personal lessons to provide the most comprehensive tutoring experience.

    Interactive Whiteboard with Live Voice/Video

    * Chat is also available
    Our interactive whiteboard allows the student and tutor to virtually "be together" in real-time, using the same whiteboard. These sessions are recorded for potential future reference as well as an added layer of security.

    American Tutors

    Highly qualified!
    We use tutors located in the United States, paying them more than typical online tutoring companies who use overseas tutors in an attempt to keep expenses down. In addition, you choose your tutor from an extensive list of qualified tutors based on your needs and comfort level.

    We Use Your Lessons

    It's your session, let's use YOUR work.
    We do not rely on pre-created lessons to teach our students. We use the student's actual lessons, as well as various other teaching methods and examples, to maximize learning.
  • Example Screenshots

    Multiple windows may be shared at the same time.

    Example Screenshots

    Videos may be shown while working so the students and tutors can see each other for better communication.

    Example Screenshots

    Websites, videos, PowerPoints, notes, documents...anything to make the session more complete may be shared.

  • Who We Are

    It's our mission to provide the most comprehensive tutoring experience possible, with your needs always at the forefront.

    Brian Csejtey

    BS, MCED from Kent State University and CBI Endorsement from The Ohio State University. Started the company in 2015 after 6 years of service in the U.S Army and 9 years of teaching experience.

    Bert Solis

    B.A. Music, minor in Philosophy from Kent State University. Has been an entrepreneur for the past ten years, successfully tackling such issues as branding, corporate buyouts, online sales, maintaining competitive edge, and bookkeeping.